Room2 is to open its first ‘hometel’ at the restored Fulham Town Hall in London.

Fulham Town Hall by Room2 will comprise 90 bedrooms and most will have kitchenettes. It will also feature a mix of events and co-working space as well as food and beverage offerings.

Fulham Town Hall is a Grade II-listed building. Renovation work is due to begin in May 2020. Room2 is scheduled to open late 2021.

Room2 plan to open 5000 hometel rooms across the UK by 2030. They are challenging what they consider to be ‘soulless’ corporate hotels and offering an innovative, relaxed and flexible alternative.

Other Room2 properties are planned with an 89-room hometel in Chiswick scheduled to open spring 2021, followed by a 59-room property in Manchester.

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