Leconfield House Mayfair in central London, better known as MI5 Headquarters, is set to be converted into a luxury, five-star hotel and private members club.

Plans have been lodged with Westminster Council to convert the building. If all goes to plan the new hotel will have up to 78 bedrooms and will also include a health club and spa, restaurant and bar, meeting and events facilities, retail units and a screening room. The façade of the building could also feature a new living green wall as well as a glass dome on the roof above the restaurant.

Leconfield House is located in Curzon Street. It was built in 1939. In 1945 MI5 moved in to occupy the building before moving out in 1976. The building featured machine-gun turrets mounted on the roof during the war in case of a foreign invasion - they pointed up Curzon Street toward Hyde Park.

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